Video Matinée

11 of December 2016 at Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur at 12:00 with Videos by Badel/Sarbach, Kurt Caviezel, Philip Gasser, Gerber/Bardill, Doris Schmid, Sandro Steudler, Varlin selected and presented by Ursula Palla more   

2nd Grand Tropical Biennial

7 – 10 of December 2016, several locations Puerto Rico, USA The 2nd Grand Tropical Biennial is a curatorial exercise in collaboration between Marina Reyes Franco, Radamés “Juni” Figueroa, Jesus “Bubu” Negrón (winner of the Golden Pineapple award in the 1st Grand Tropical Biennial), Stefan Benchoam, and Pablo León de la Barra. Historically, biennials in … [Read more…]

ArtPro – Die Neue Generation

5 of October  to 20 of November 2016 – Exhibition of the ArtPro prize laureate 2016 Badel/Sarbach and Eric Philippoz at Galerie zur Schützenlaube in Visp. Opening 5 of October at 6pm.

De Ovo – Artist Talk

11 of October 2016, 6.30pm at Galerie Idea Fixa, Feldbergstrasse 38, Basel The exhibition De Novo is open untill the 5 of November 2016 Read more about De Novo in the Tageswoche  More about Galerie Idea Fixa  

Performance at Brussel Poetry Fest

10 of September 2016, at GC Essegem, A. Gomandstraat, Brussel Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach perform Talepumpingbeatmachine (Our Bedroom) at  Brussel Poetry Fest The Brussel Poetry Fest is an experimental poetry festival celebrating different experimental forms of poetry like visualpoetry, sound poetry and performance poetry. It highlights the international exchanges between (experimental) poets and academics working on the … [Read more…]

De Novo

2 of September to 5 of November 2016 Solo Show by Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach September 2, Opening,  5 – 9pm September 6, Introduction by the writer Simone Lappert, 6.30pm October 11, Artist Talk, 6.30pm November 29, Finissage with the artists, 5 – 9pm  Report from TagesWoche about the exhibition De Novo Galerie Idea … [Read more…]

Art des Hauses

25 of June  to 28 of August 2016, Exhibition at Art des Hauses, Büsserach Group show with a sculpture and two videos AND a giant Fondue Performance by Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach at the Finissage the 28 of August! more about Art des Hauses:

Chromaticité at Atelier Suisse

15 of June 2016, 6pm – 10pm, at Atelier Suisse, Fonderie Darling, 745 Rue Ottawa, MontréalCome and see chromaticité: Two brand new works by the Canadian artist Jonathan Inksetter. The Montreal based visual artist Jonathan Inksetter works in video, sound, sculpture, installation, and as an interdisciplinary collaborator in dance and new performance. Last year we met … [Read more…]

# Troja

19 of May to 2 go July 2016, Exhibition by Sandra Knecht at Galerie Idea Fixa, Basel with interventions by invited artists. More:

Visite d’atelier Badel/Sarbach et Marina Reyes Franco

12 of May 2016, 6pm at Fonderie Darling, Montreal Currently in residency at the Darling Foundry, the artist duo Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach (Swiss Residency) and Puerto Rican curator Marina Reyes Franco (Residency of the Americas) invite you to come discover their projects and researches through a public presentation and studio visit. Actuellement … [Read more…]