4 July – 3 October 2020, Group Show, Hof Froh Ussicht, Samstagern

Opening 4 July, 16:00

An exhibition that puts obstacles, fears and chances of a common future of humans and animals into discourse.

Transformations have always been part of cultural practices that are both fascinating and disturbing. A living being that suddenly stops, apparently destroys itself and rises as a completely new creature. From the privileged deities of the pre-Christian polytheistic religions to fantastic hybrid beings – half human, half animal – from legends, fairy tales and fantasy, to complex metamorphosis images and stories in literature such as those of Kafka, Orwell or Haraway, the relationship between humans and animals is a frequently treated topic and has many faces: living together, work, the supply of raw materials and food, clothing or entertainment. In the wake of recent technological and medical advances, which make it possible to change bodies at will, to exchange organs between humans and animals, or to breed human cells in animals, questions about the common future of humans and animals on an ever faster changing planet take on a new urgency.

with: Antoine F. Goetschel, Badel/Sarbach, Benjamin Egger, Daniela Ehrsam, Ernestyna Orlowska, Fridolin Schoch, Ina Weise, Hans Preisig, Jacques Fuchs, Ivy Monteiro, Jakob Lienhard, Julia Wäckerlin, Marcel Hörler
Martin Blum, Maya Rochat, Michael Kortenbusch, Patrick Ostrowsky, Pia Schwarz, Skiclub Toggenburg, Soya the Cow, Valérie Hug, Viviane Ehrensberger, 1300 Chicken