14 August – 19 September 2020 Soloshow at Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland

Opening: 13.08.2020, 19:00

Kunsthoch Luzern: 29.08.2020, 11:00  – 19:00
Speed-Dates with Badel, Sarbach or Sutter start at 13:30, 15:30 and  17:30

Finissage: 19.09.2020, 17:00 Talk with Badel/Sarbach and Laura M. Weber & Rosemarie E. Benson (Film & Animation)

The focus of the solo exhibition Planty of Love by Badel/Sarbach is the cochineal louse; an animal that was already dried, pulverized and exported to Europe in early modern times. It influenced art history and is still traded as a pigment today. In a multimedial and humorous way, the artist duo deals with distinction and empathy in human’s relationship with other animals and fellow plants, as well as with the concept of Naturkultur.

Flurina Badel & Jérémie Sarbach – Planty of Love