a post-perphery poem

30 November 2019 – 8 November 2020, Soloshow at Valais Art Museum, Sion

On the occasion of the Manor Art Prize Valais the artist duo Badel/Sarbach presents a three-part exhibition: in the Kunstmuseum Wallis in Sitten, in Binn (Goms) and as a book object.
The sun shapes our relation to time, regulates the environment, affects our bodies and determines our everyday life. What if the orbit of the sun was disturbed? Would everything fall out of balance, would the natural order be turned upside down? Flurina Badel and Jérémie Sarbach investigate the subtle, man-made boundaries between nature and artefacts, rotate an entire building around its own axis, use artificial suns and defy transience.

Opening 29 November 2019, 18:00