2nd Grand Tropical Biennial

7 – 10 of December 2016, several locations Puerto Rico, USA

The 2nd Grand Tropical Biennial is a curatorial exercise in collaboration between Marina Reyes Franco, Radamés “Juni” Figueroa, Jesus “Bubu” Negrón (winner of the Golden Pineapple award in the 1st Grand Tropical Biennial), Stefan Benchoam, and Pablo León de la Barra.

Historically, biennials in Puerto Rico have been boycotted, canceled, delayed, turned into triennals and postponed again. Successful, misguided, pertinent or controversial, the constant has been its interrupted character, dependent on the political swing of the government, the militancy of the artists and the available budget. Perhaps there is no better time than the tenth anniversary of the economic recession in Puerto Rico to – five years after its first edition – hold the 2nd Grand Tropical Biennial, financed through the economy of friendship.